Why Attend?

Slated for December 2 - 6 2019, the 11th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) will be hosted in collaboration with the Government of Sint Maarten under the theme “The Road to Resilience Checkpoint 2019 - Safeguarding Our Communities, Livelihoods and Economies”.

Since the hosting of the first conference in 2006, the event has gained recognition as the flagship event on the CDEMA Calendar and the premier DRM forum within the Caribbean region. The conference has showcased best practices emerging from CDEMA’s 18 Participating States and has emerged as a platform for the engagement of political leaders, physical planners, meteorologists, climate change stakeholders, researchers, educators, and public and private financial experts as well as facilitated inter-stakeholder exchanges/networking and “birthing” of new policy ideas.

This year, we anticipate an exciting week-long programme, as we provide a space for DRM practitioners and partners to collectively examine the progress made in integrating CDM across sectors. In keeping with the checkpoint approach to monitoring the progress of the 2014-2024 CDM Strategy, participants and decision makers will be provided with information related to progress, gaps and lessons learnt towards the achievement of CDM. The objectives of CDM11 are to:

  • Highlight the progress in achieving Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Strategy Results 2014-2024
  • Showcase opportunities for protecting livelihoods and economies within various communities
  • Promote youth empowerment in safeguarding our communities, livelihoods and economies
  • Identify lessons from past events and opportunities to inform future resilience
  • Facilitate exchanges and knowledge sharing on CDM related research, tools, models, products, information and educational materials
  • Promote understanding of the Resilience Framework adopted by CARICOM Heads of Government
  • Promote the goals of and build commitment for Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM)