Message from the Chairman

Hon. Ralph Higgs, Chairman of CDEMA Ministerial Council

Dear friends and attendees, as Chairman of the CDEMA Council of Ministers, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you, to the 11th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management, on behalf of the people of the Caribbean and the Member States of CDEMA.

As you are aware, CDEMA is the region’s principle disaster management body, with 18 member states, working in concert to promote disaster preparedness and risk mitigation, in the event of Natural or Manmade hazards. This Conference is CDEMA’s premier event and aims to bring together all of its members and partners for five days of intense discussions, workshops, displays and interaction intended to make us a more resilient people and region.

In the face of new global weather phenomenon, forecasted to cause more frequent and intense storms, climate change and sea level rise et al, it is imperative that we individually and collectively as a region stay on the cutting edge of information and technology that will help us better manage disaster preparedness pre and post a hazardous event.

The 11th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management promises to be an exciting and enlightening 5 days of information gathering and sharing, and highlighting of best practices employed around the world and individual CDEMA states.

The gathering provides an opportunity for member states to explore ideas and innovations that can strengthen our comprehensive and multi-hazard approach. This approach considers all elements of the Disaster Management Cycle: Preparedness, Mitigation, Response, Recovery and Rehabilitation. What we decide here can shape not only aspects of CDEMA’s role, but the way we practice when we return to our homes.

In closing I wish to thank Sint Maarten for hosting the conference, thank CDEMA for its role in organizing and coordinating this important regional event, all speakers and presenters for their contributions and to you the participants for your active involvement in making this 11th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management a success. May God bless us all!


Hon. Ralph Higgs
Chairman of CDEMA Ministerial Council