Targeted Support to CDEMA Project

The unprecedented events of the 2017 hurricane season severely impacted the capacity of national, regional and international partners to respond effectively to a multi-island strike. A rapid review of regional response funded by Canada, the United Kingdom and UNICEF indicated that greater support to logistics, communication and financing are needed to strengthen Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM)

The Targeted Support to CDEMA Project was conceptualized to assist with a number of crucial areas within CDEMA’s mandate. The expected outcomes are:

  • Strengthened operational readiness to respond to natural disasters at the regional, sectoral, national and local levels
  • Support given to community recovery for the most vulnerable by providing rapid funding for small, local projects
  • Improved knowledge management to support fact-based decision-making
  • Strengthened technical capacity within the CDEMA Coordinating Unit to address gender equality and other issues
  • Improved governance of CDM action in the region

The project aims to improve CDM within the 19 Participating States, zoning in on vulnerable groups in disaster prone areas. Support will be provided to:

  • Women and children (boys and girls)
  • The elderly
  • Persons with physical and mental disabilities
  • Persons with chronic illnesses
  • National Disaster Offices

Fact Sheets

Key Achievements

  • Support of nine (9) staff positions across the CDEMA CU to aid in executing CDEMA’s Mandate. 
  • Support to the CDEMA CU’s Remote Working Policy by funding critical computer hardware and software
  • Funding of CAD $401,360.00 for the establishment of the CDEMA Integrated Regional Logistics Hub (IRLH). The Hub received 2,568 cartons of PPE and 2,566 were distributed among the CDEMA Participating States in 2020
  • Rebranding of the Regional Response Mechanism through an identifier, social media posts and a website
  • Procurement of 150 Deployment Packages and 100 Deployment Jackets which have been used by deployment personnel in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Guyana
  • The launch of the Caribbean Early Recovery Fund (CERF) to benefit ODA eligible islands in the Caribbean
  • The disbursement of CAD $500,000 to St. Vincent and the Grenadines after the explosive eruption of La Soufrière through the CERF.

Take a look at the work of the Targeted Support to CDEMA Poject over the past year as it aims to improve CDEMA's Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) strategy in the 19 Participating States.