• A 7.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded on Saturday 14 August at around 0830h, in the southern region of the country. The epicenter was located 13 km to the South-South-East of Petit Trou de Nippes, in the departments of Nippes, Grand'Anse and Sud, at a depth of 10 km. It was followed by a number of aftershocks.
  • The Departments of Nippes, Grand'Anse and Sud have a combined population representing around 16% of the country's total population, estimated at 11.4 million.
  • Prime Minister Ariel Henry declared a one-month National State of Emergency.
  • Tropical Depression Grace passed over Haiti on Monday 16 August 2021.
  • The earthquake toll is 1,419 dead to date (1,133 in the South, 122 in Nippes, 162 in Grand’Anse and 2 in the North-West, more precisely in Bassin Bleu). Nearly 6,900 listed injured people (at least 5,207 in the South, 1,064 in Grand’Anse and 704 injured in Nippes) were received and treated in several hospitals. Several people were missing and trapped under the rubble.
  • The first interventions, carried out by both professional rescuers and members of the population, made it possible to extract many people from the rubble. Hospitals continue to receive wounded.

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