• At 4:05am there was a huge Pelean style explosion accompanied by pyroclastic density currents on the south and south western flanks of the volcano
  • The domes formed in 1979 and 2021 have been destroyed and a deep crater with a vent now exists
  • Explosions are ongoing
  • SRC has lost connection with 4 of its 8 seismic stations and new
    seismic stations will be installed when it is safe to do so
  • The remaining 4 stations will provide the ability to monitor the
    activity and will be augmented by satellite imagery

Areas Evacuated: The first phase of the evacuation began with communities in the Red Zone, and in the Orange Zone closest to the volcano on the island’s Leeward side including Georgetown northwards to Fancy, Chateaubelair , Fitz Hughes and Richmond.