Message: Tropical Strom Nicole impacted the entire island of Jamaica – 2 confirmed dead and several persons missing

A broad area of low pressure associated with Tropical Storm Nicole has been producing showers over the western Caribbean from September 28, 2010. The entire island of Jamaica experienced rainfall with some sections of the island having up to 9 inches of rainfall over a 12 hour period.

At 5.00 p.m September 29, 2010, weather reports indicated that Nicole had dissipated but forecasted rainy conditions to continue across the island of Jamaica for at least another 48 hours.  

The Jamaica Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has reported that impacts to a total of 78 communities range from flooding, landslides, freak storm and storm surge. The Central parishes have been the worst affected so far and more so the parish of Westmoreland. In Westmoreland, rivers have overflowed their banks, houses have been flooded, three churches and some commercial buildings are also reportedly damaged or destroyed.

As of September 29, two deaths have been confirmed by the police and over twelve persons have been reported missing.

Shelters and Welfare
A total of 259 persons representing 84 families have been confirmed in shelter in the parishes of Kingston and St Andrew, St. Catherine, St James and Westmoreland. The shelter population is migratory and numbers are unconfirmed in some shelters.

Roadways and Infrastructure
Forty-nine (49) primary and secondary roads have so far been impacted by landslide and flooding. Several communities in the parish of St. Thomas are cut off due to flooded rivers.

The Jamaica Public Service has reported that approximately 170, 000 customers island wide were without power due to downed utility pole, broken conductors and faults on the electricity network resulting from heavy rains, lightening storms and winds associated with the passage of the weather system.  The parishes worst affected were Manchester, Portland, St. Mary and Clarendon. Several areas are still without electricity.

The impact to telecommunications and water utilities is being assessed.

National Actions
An aerial reconnaissance has been conducted by the Prime Minster of Jamaica and other key personnel to have a preliminary assessment of the impact across the island.

The National Emergency Operations Centre and all Parish Emergency Operations Centres remain activated.

The Tourism Emergency Operations Centre was also activated and continues to monitor the situation.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and Fire Brigade carried out several operations to rescue and evacuate persons trapped by the flood waters. A pregnant woman was also evacuated to a medical facility by JDF.

Relief distribution has commenced and will be intensified as soon as needs are determined.

Actions by CDEMA Coordinating Unit
CDEMA made contact with the affected state to get an overview of the situation and offer any assistance required. The situation is presently being managed at the national level.

CDEMA CU will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as appropriate.

Contact Details: the CDEMA CU 24Hr contact number is 246-425-0386

Map Showing Location of Impacted Communities