Flooding in Guyana - Situation Report  # 3 as of 1900 hours, February 08, 2012
The National Emergency Operations Centre in Guyana has issued the following report on flooding in several regions of the country.
The heavy rainfall that commenced on January 28, 2012 resulted in flooding in several communities in Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  These communities are located on the Coastal Plain and along the Abary, Mahaica, Mahaicony Rivers, Pomeroon, Black Bush Polder and Canal Polders. Light to moderate showers are being experienced and water is receding in most of the areas.The water in East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) reached its critical level and water is being released periodically during the low tides into the Mahaica River through the Maduni Sluice. The release of water in the Mahaica River is exacerbating the flooding already experienced by the communities along the Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers.

It was forecasted by the Hydrometeorological Department of the Ministry of Agriculture that cloudy to overcast skies are expected over all regions with expected rainfall to be between 0.0mm and 10.0mm.

The forecast for the rest of the week is as follows, Thursday, partly cloudy conditions with light to moderate isolated showers expected over Regions 1 to 6, southern locations can expect cloudy spells. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, cloudy spells with occasional showers can be expected over Regions 2 to 6 and 10, the other regions can expect mainly cloudy spells.

With the continued release of water into the Mahaica River through the Maduni Sluice, the flooding of communities along the Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers will get worst. This worsening situation is going to warrant the need for humanitarian assistance for the residents that are affected.


Total loss and the total number of persons affected to date, are yet to be determined.


The Regional Democratic Council of this region reported that Moruca, Sand Jose to Kumaka, Tucupitha to Maturin, Kamwatta to Haimaracabra, Rinion to Cabrora and Waramuri to Para districts remain flooded with stagnated water. The roads remain closed to vehicular traffic.
The Regional Administration boat continues to take school children of Tucupitha and Maturin to and from school daily.

No report from this region.

The following communities remain inundated, Middle Street Pouderoyen, Samaroo Dam, Canal Number 1 and 2. Canal Number 1 and 2 farmlands and residential areas are inundated between 4- 5 inches of water.

Flood water remains high in trenches and canals in some areas.

Representatives from the NDCs and NDIA continue to monitor the sluices and pumps within the region.

No reports of flooding, except for the communities along the Mahaica River.

Representatives from NDIA continue to monitor the sluices and pumps and conduct preventative works within the region. Unserviceable pumps were also repaired and additional pumps were deployed to the most critical areas.

The Regional Democratic Council of this region reported that floodwater has receded in all of the residential areas except for some low lying areas along Mahaica, Mahaicony and Abary rivers.

Ninety percent of the farmlands and the livestock in most of these areas continue to be significantly affected.  

A medical team from the Ministry of Health visited the Abary area on Wednesday 8, 2012.

NDIA has reported that all pumps in these areas are operational.

A team from the Civil Defence Commission visited the communities along the Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers to further assess the situation..

The Regional Democratic Council of this region reported flooding in cultivated areas at Kendalls, Warren, Seawall, Susannah, Don Robin, No.7 and11 Villages. In most of the said areas the flood water is receding quickly. However, for Black Bush Polder, Mibicuri, Lesbeholden, Johanna,  and Yakusari the water is receding slowly.

NDIA has reported that all pumps and sluices in these areas are operational and continue to be monitored and preventative works are conducted within the region as the need arises.


Nothing further to report.

A team from the Civil Defence Commission visited the East Coast, Mahaica and Mahaicony flooded areas on Saturday February 04, 2012 to conduct assessments. It was noted that flood water continues to rise in the Mahaica and Mahaicony areas but receded on the East Coast of Demerara. Hundreds of  acres of rice is presently under flood water, ninety percent (90%) of cash crops were destroyed, and cattle remain endangered and should be removed to higher grounds. Twenty seven (27) farmers continue to pump water out of the rice cultivation area in an effort to save the rice crops.

The Civil Defence Commission continues to monitor and assess the vulnerable communities and conservancies which are usually affected by the heavy rains.


Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health reported that teams are on standby to respond.

Ministry of Agriculture
The Ministry of Agriculture continues to conduct assessment of affected areas and representatives from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority continue to monitor the pumps, sluices and conservancies in all the affected regions.

Nothing further to report.

The Commission has identified the following immediate needs:
•    Damage Assessments including an aerial reconnaissance to be conducted to identify and quantify the extent of the flooding in the regions
•    Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of all the affected communities to determine the water level and to assist in decision making.


Contact Information
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Telephone #: (592) 226-1114, 226-8815, 226-1027 or 225-5847
24 Hours #: (592) 600-3000, 624-9000;FAX: (592) 225-0486
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