TD 7 degenerates into a tropical wave and impacts Windward Islands Saturday August 11, 2012.


The National Hurricane Center anticipated Tropical Depression # 7 to reach the Windward Islands late Saturday Night or Early Sunday Morning, August 11 and 12. The prediction was for the depression to intensify to a Tropical Storm and this prompted Tropical Storm Watches for the countries of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. By the 11:00 am advisory from the National Hurricane Centre TD#7 had degenerated into a tropical wave. Squally weather was still expected in the islands during the period.


The NHC has advised that the remnants of tropical depression seven are moving over the Central Caribbean Sea and producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms from the Central Caribbean northward to Hispaniola and Jamaica. Upper-level winds are expected to gradually become ore conducive for regeneration over the next day or so as the system moves toward Belize.


The tropical wave dumped several inches of rain over Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica and Saint Lucia causing flooding in several areas.

Trinidad & Tobago

Severe weather affected Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday caused flooding and landslides throughout the country particularly along the North Western peninsula. The damaging effects of the severe weather considered a 1 in 50 year event was concentrated in the Diego Martin Corporation. The following was reported:

  • 2 deaths
  • Heavy infrastructure damage including loss of roadway, utility assets
  • Persons were marooned in the area but they are now able to make way on foot out of the area
  • Twelve (12) persons remain in shelter
  • Currently the Government is engaged in clean-up.


Heavy rains impacted Dominica in the Layou – Bath Estate area. Over 4 inches of rain was reported in a 3 hour period. In the area of Castle Bruce fourteen (14) cattle were lost due to drowning.

The Office of Disaster Management experience minimum flooding and continues to experience loss of internet.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia experienced small pockets of flooding but since the heavy rains were intermittent floods receded quickly.

Immediate Needs

No needs identified for impacted countries so far.


Belize continues to monitor the remnants of TD #7 as it moves in their direction.

Regional Actions

The CDEMA Coordinating Unit (CU)

The CDEMA CU has contacted all affected states. The CU continues to monitor the remnants of TD #7 as it moves across the Caribbean sea and remains ready to provide any requested support.

The CDEMA 24 hour contact number is 246-425-0386