The Government of the Virgin Islands is inviting sealed tenders for the construction of the National Emergency Operations Centre building. 

The works include, but are not limited to a reinforced concrete building with three stories, a parking area and accessories structures located on the project site. The accessories structures include a generator room, electrical substation and a pump house enclosing fire suppression and water harvesting cisterns. The works on the building also include all electrical and mechanical works.

Please see below responses provided by the CDEMA Coordinating Unit to queries submitted. In light of the delayed response, please note that proposals will be accepted until Wednesday, June 28 2017.

  1. What is the specific objective and expected content for the Model Guideline and Adaptation Guide? The objective of the Consultancy is provided in the Terms of Reference. The Model Guideline and Adaptation Guide should address this objective. The specific content should be part of the proposed approach recommended by tenderers.

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