NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE TENDERERS ON THE RFP for the Consultancy to Develop the Model Guidelines for Child-Centred Emergency and Disaster Risk Management in Caribbean Schools and Adaptation Guide

Please see below responses provided by the CDEMA Coordinating Unit to queries submitted. In light of the delayed response, please note that proposals will be accepted until Wednesday, June 28 2017.

  1. What is the specific objective and expected content for the Model Guideline and Adaptation Guide? The objective of the Consultancy is provided in the Terms of Reference. The Model Guideline and Adaptation Guide should address this objective. The specific content should be part of the proposed approach recommended by tenderers.
  2. What added value is expected as compared to other existing methodologies addressing child-centred disaster risk management? This will be determined by the successful Consultant’s recommendations.
  3. Is there an example of a Model Guideline and Adaptation Guide on another subject, which could be used as a reference? We do have examples. We would expect the Consultant’s expertise in the subject and their research to answer this question.
  4. Inception report: Would this only include a revision of the existing methodology/approaches and timeline, as this would already have been detailed in the Technical Proposal? The inception report allows the successful bidder to refine key elements of the proposal, in agreement with CDEMA. CDEMA has a guideline for the content of Inception Reports which will be shared with the successful bidder.
  5. Are the regular “progress meetings” expected to be conducted in-person or over Skype? If in-person, this would require the frequency to be set as part of the proposal, for budgeting purposes, thus Skype would be preferred. We envisioned primarily electronic meetings. However, it is up to the bidder to determine what is the most appropriate proposal.
  6. Are the “detailed progress reports” linked with the previous point or are they considered as a separate product? What is the expected frequency? The frequency is determined by CDEMA and successful bidder at the Inception Stage of the project. Candidates may recommend a reporting schedule that seems appropriate.
  7. Are the presentations of the draft Model Guidelines and Adaptation Guide to be held in-person? We envisioned primarily electronic meetings. However, it is up to the bidder to determined what is the most appropriate and effective approach.
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