Consultancy to provide the ODPM with technical assistance to develop the CWP and Policy

An individual consultant is being sought to provide the ODPM with technical assistance to develop the CWP and Policy. In the first phase of this two-phase process the Consultant will be required to prepare a situational analysis and policy directions paper to inform the development of the CWP and Policy respectively. Both reports should be informed by the results of the national CDM Audit Report for Trinidad and Tobago and should outline the problems, issues and needs which must be addressed in the CWP and Policy.

This will include an evaluation of available risk information in the country, as well as relevant policy and information about major national processes being implemented or about to be developed, such as the National Development Plan, the National Adaptation Plan, and the Nationally Determined Contributions. Information for these reports should also be gathered from consultations with relevant stakeholders. Based on the situational analysis for the CWP the Consultant will also be required to construct indicative outcome and output (result) statements for the CWP. Please click here for further details.



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