SURINAME: Severe weather conditions, causing damage to multiple structures.

The National Coordination Center for Disaster Relief (NCCR) of Suriname reported strong winds and heavy rainfall on August 17, 2017 which caused damage in the following districts:

  • Commewijne – The roofs of four (4) houses were blown off and the windshield of one (1) car was broken by debris.
  • Paramaribo – The Presidential Palace, a cultural heritage building, suffered damage to its roof. The Torarica Hotel/ Casino suffered damage to its structure from high winds and fallen trees. The roofs of two (2) houses were blown off.
  • Wanica – The Ministry of Social Affairs building suffered damage due to a fallen tree. The roofs of three (3) houses were blown off.

On August 18 – 19, 2017, the districts of Paramaribo, Wanica and Para experienced continued severe weather conditions which caused further damage to roofs, bill boards and fell trees.