American Student stranded on Petit Piton rescued

Castries, Saint Lucia, October 27, 2008 (GIS) - The American College Student, Francis Heinmann, who had been stranded on Petit Piton for almost thirteen hours was safely rescued on Friday evening with the assistance of a Search and Rescue Team from Martinique.

Mr. Heinmann was first taken care of by the First Response Team on the helicopter after his rescue, and was subsequently taken to the Accident & Emergency Department of Victoria Hospital for further stabilization, where he was visited by the Minister for Health, Dr. Keith Mondesir. He has since been transferred to the Tapion Hospital, where he is now being cared for. The ordeal, which saw the young man falling over 200 feet, has left him with only bumps, bruises and a strained arm but no broken bones. The successful rescue of Mr. Heinmann saw the mobilization of NEMO agencies including personnel and resources from the Saint Lucia Fire Service, LUCELEC, Soufriere Marine Management Area, Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority, George F L Charles Airport, Mr. Alex Grechie of Saint Lucia Helicopters, the Soufriere Disaster Committee, Ministry of Health Staff at the site and on stand by, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Ministry of Tourism and the French Embassy.

The Minister for Disaster Management in Saint Lucia, Prime Minister, the Hon. Stephenson King, extends his congratulations to all those involved in the rescue effort for a job well done and expresses his sincere appreciation to the French Ambassador and the Martiniquan First Response Team, who effected the dangerous rescue at night and saved the life of Mr. Heinmann. The Prime Minister also wishes Mr Heinmann a full and speedy recovery from his ordeal.

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