Regional Disaster Risk Management Training

Civil Defense Commission (CDC), Guyana, October 30th, 2012 - In a bid to extend its mandate of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) to all Guyanese, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) continues with its Disaster Risk Management training for Regional representatives.


During the period October 16-24, 2012, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) conducted Disaster Risk Management training in the boardroom of the Regional Democratic Council, Region 6. A total of eighty representatives from both Government and Non-Governmental Organizations benefited from training in Shelter Management, Damage Assessment, and Emergency Operations Centre Management. Thirty (30) persons where trained as Emergency Shelter Managers, twenty six (26) in Damage Assessment, and twenty four (24) as Emergency Operations Centre Managers. The training concluded with evaluations and exercises which were used as tools to measure the participants understanding of the material covered during the respective training programmes.

Additionally, the CDC handed over to the Regional Democratic Council, Region 6, an emergency box containing maps, states/charts, stationeries and other resources needed for the effective activation and operations of the Emergency Operation Centre during a disaster. This will contribute to the regions’ disaster preparedness and response capability. During the months of November and December 2012, the CDC will be conducting similar training in Regions 7, 10 and 1. Training in regions 7 and 10 will be conducted in November while Region 1 will benefit from this programme in December. At the end of the current training calendar six regions (1, 3,4,6,7 and 10) would have benefited from DRM training in the areas of Shelter Management, Damage Assessment, and Emergency Operations Centre Management.

The CDC is Guyana’s lead agency with the responsibility for disaster risk reduction and management activities in Guyana. However, when disaster situations occur and impact communities, the CDC must work in partnership with several government and non-governmental agencies in order to successfully execute its mandate. The training being provided by CDC is designed to ensure that in each region across Guyana, there are trained individuals who can function effectively in disaster situations, and who are equipped with the requisite expertise to continue training in their respective regions.