CDEMA Deputy Executive Director receives presentation from DDM

Tortola, VI, May 10, 2010 (DDM) - The Department of Department Management met on Friday morning with Acting Deputy Executive Director of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA). Ms. Elizabeth Riley received a presentation on the DDM’s Information Management Systems and Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms which currently support the implementation of Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) within the Virgin Islands.


Ms. Riley’s indicated that opportunities such as these provide a means to strengthen other CDEMA Participating States as well as the Coordinating Unit for implementing monitoring and evaluation systems and for sharing information on capacity building initiatives taking place within the Participating States.  She further noted that Monitoring and Evaluating Systems are critical components of any CDM implementation plan at the national level and they support the monitoring processes that are required at regional levels.

In describing what she learnt from the DDM’s presentation Ms. Riley said “The CDEMA Coordinating Unit congratulates the Department of Disaster Management on this excellent initiative. The system being developed in the Virgin Islands is innovative and a reflection of the growing awareness within the CDEMA Participating States on the need to strengthen capacity for Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting through the application of Information and Communications Technology. The work in the Virgin Islands is a model which can be utilized by other CDEMA Participating States.”.

The DDM received approval from Cabinet in 2009 for the implementation of a CDM Policy, Strategy and Programming Framework which was developed to guide the Territory’s Disaster Management Programme.  As a follow up to this, funding was received from DFID to support the development of a Preparedness Audit Tool, a Documentation Centre Database and a Training Database; which were all designed by local company, RKG Consulting Group.  In addition, the funding provided by DFID was also used to develop a Monitoring and Evaluating System for the Virgin Islands CDM Strategy and Programming Framework. These works were undertaken by another local company, SAGE Consulting Services.

Planning and Preparedness Manager, Ms. Sheniah Armstrong, who worked closely with the local companies to develop the various information management systems said, “I am pleased to see that the work we have developed locally has been recognised at the regional level and is being considered for replication within the 18 CDEMA Participating States.  This demonstrates the level of skill available within our communities and the otential for local companies to engage in regional markets.”

The DDM is expected to continue working with these two local companies during the year to further expand and enhance its information management systems.  

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