Flood waters continue to rise in several districts in Belize By S. Acosta, NEMO

Belmopan, Belize, October 29, 2008 (National Emergency Management Organisation) - BELIZE RURAL: The Belize Rural District Emergency Coordinator reports that flood waters continue to rise rapidly in the Belize River Valley Area. Not only are the people in the BELRIV area feeling the effects of the flooding, but the livestock population as well. Today members of the Emergency Committee and volunteers continue to transfer herds of cattle from May Pen Village to Grace Bank. The Burrell Boom road leading from the Northern Highway remains closed to vehicular traffic. Burrell Boom can be accessed only through the Hattieville area.

Flood waters are also rising rapidly in the Mile 8 community along the Western Highway. The Mile 8 Community also includes Sunset Park and Western Pines. Streets in that area are under water and motorists are advised not to enter the area. The District Emergency Coordinator advises residents from the mile 8 Community to consider seeking shelter with relatives or friends so as not to be trafficking the flooded areas. Water continues to raise in the Belama Phase 3 and 4 areas of Belize City. Coast Guard and private vessels are assisting flood victims and transporting supplies in flooded areas.

The Orange Walk District Emergency Committee continues on high alert as flooding is said to be seriously affecting Douglas Village. Shelters have now been opened in Santa Cruz and Nuevo San Juan. Supplies are being distributed to flood victims in San Pablo, San Antonio and Santa Cruz. Residents in Douglas Village are urged to be vigilant of the rapidly rising waters.

Relief supplies are on the way for flood victims in Sarteneja, Xaibe, Concepcion, Libertad, Patchakan and residents in Corozal Town, where the flood waters are said to be receding. Additional shelters are being opened in Xaibe and Concepcion Villages.

Meanwhile in the Cayo District, the recovery efforts continue in several areas in the Cayo District where flood waters have receded. Today volunteers are hard at work cleaning up Calla Creek. A health team is also holding clinics today in Santa Familia. Volunteers are also bagging off 2 week supplies for evacuees who are expected to return to their homes sometime today. People in the Clarissa Falls side of Calla Creek are already in their homes while residents from the Bullet Tree Falls side of Calla Creek side are expected to return to their respective houses today.

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