CDEMA Sharing Experiences in Disaster Legislation with the OAS

Bridgetown, Barbados Wednesday May 20, 2010 – (CDEMA) – CDEMA is contributing to stakeholder experiences at the Caribbean Emergency Legislation Project Regional Workshop in Saint Lucia on Friday May 21, 2010.

Danielle Skeete, the Technical Coordinator and Unit Head for the Institutional Support and Capacity Building for Disaster Management in the Caribbean (EDF) Project being implemented by CDEMA, will present to participants CDEMA’s experiences in implementing Comprehensive Disaster Management Legislation.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for discussions surrounding the key issues in disaster and emergency management legislation, the existing challenges and identification of best practices.

Mrs. Skeete will share the findings of one of CDEMA’s ongoing initiatives, under the EDF Project, the Review of Existing Disaster Management Model Legislation and Regulations and Adaptation.

This activity seeks to:


  • Update the existing Model Disaster Management Legislation (MDML) to reflect the broader CDM for CARIFORUM States.
  • Provide revised Model Disaster Management Legislation that will form the effective legal basis for the existence and operation of National Disaster Management Authorities in CARIFORUM States.
  • Create, through the revised legislation, an environment in which regional, national and community level capacities for the mitigation, management, and coordinated response to natural and technological hazards, and the effects of climate change, are strengthened.

The EDF project is a €3 million program funded by the European Commission (EC). The project is in its third year of implementation and is aimed at increasing the Agency’s capability to coordinate and lead disaster management in the region.

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