Antigua Disaster office meets with Association of Persons with Disabilities

St. John, Antigua, November 7th, 2013 (NODS) - The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) is taking a closer look at the welfare of persons with disabilities as it relates to disaster management in Antigua and Barbuda.


A meeting was held recently with members of the Association of Persons with Disabilities and a representative from the Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre for persons with disabilities.

Among the recommendations coming out of the meeting were the continued development of a database of persons living with disabilities, the mapping of areas in which they reside and enhanced public awareness programmes for special needs groups and their families.

President of the Association of Persons with Disabilities Bernard Warner says it’s important that measures are put in place so that persons living with disabilities are taken care of before, during and after a disaster.

He spoke of the need to have disabled-friendly shelters and basic support provided for persons living with disabilities like transportation during a disaster.

It was also noted that family members need to be educated so they can provide the necessary support to individuals with special needs.

NODS is now working with the Association of Persons with Disabilities to fine-tune a data-base of such persons on the island.

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