Anguilla Red Cross recipient of the 4th Annual Risk Reduction Recognition Award

The Valley, Anguilla, March 19, 2014 (Department of Disaster Management) - The Anguilla Red Cross is the 2014 winner of the prestigious annual Risk Reduction Recognition Award. The Award now in its 4th year recognizes excellence in innovation, outreach, and collaboration to improve the resilience of Anguilla’s communities to disasters. The evaluators which comprised of members of the National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC) assessed that the Anguilla Red Cross best met the criteria achieving excellent considerations for the risk reduction activities.


The criteria categories included, creating a safety and risk reducing set of activities which have stimulated knowledge of various health risks and focus on disease prevention; improving the ability to identify and abate unsafe conditions and practices; implementing effective safety and mitigating resourcing strategies; increasing risk reduction awareness and mitigation program communication and improving the ability to identify and abate hazards.

The Anguilla Red Cross Disaster Risk Reduction Programme included much community level mitigation and risk reducing activities such as, a water safety programme, vulnerability capacity assessments in two communities, the development of community plans and hazard maps along with support services for the community response teams.

At the award presentation ceremony that occurred at the offices of Alliance Insurance Services Ltd, platinum sponsors for the project, a background to the project was provided by Sandra Lovell, Director of Alliance Insurance Services. Brief remarks were provided by the Honourable Deputy Governor, Mr. Stanley Reid who emphasised the value of continually seeking to mitigate risks so as to ensure a high level of preparedness, if an event with potentially disastrous consequences occurred. The Anguilla Red Cross Branch Coordinator, Mr. Ricky Rouphine in accepting the Award stated, “The Anguilla Red Cross Disaster Risk Reduction Programme has been working on building the resilience of communities since 2012. We are proud to be recognized but would remain humble as we seek to reduce vulnerability and build on the capacity of communities around Anguilla. Working with the community members directly (at grassroots level) has reminded us that everyone is different, every situation is different and every crisis is personal.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the volunteers of the Anguilla Red Cross who came out time after time to perform their humanitarian duties and aid in the resilience building of the Anguilla community. We would also like to say thanks to the staff who worked diligently to support our volunteers. Also, various government departments especially the Department of Disaster Manager who has been there to support us every time we called, the private sector and general public who time and time again supports the Anguilla Red Cross in our activities and service. As I close, let’s always be ready, let’s be prepared and make safety a lifestyle. In Humanity, let us all keep working towards reducing the chances of the impact of hazards being catastrophic.”

The National Disaster Management Committee once again expresses profound gratitude to Alliance Insurance Services for their partnership in this effort and congratulated the Anguilla Red Cross for their sterling achievement and activities in the Communities of Anguilla. The 2013 winners were the Anguilla Cancer Society.

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