As part of the European Development Fund No 9 ACP RCA 9, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) is implementing a three (3) year project that will provide institutional and capacity building support for disaster management in the Caribbean. This 3.4 million Euros project seeks to strengthen CDERA’s capacity as the regional driver of CDM, a stakeholder framed mechanism for prioritizing outcomes and framing cooperation.

The project responds to the CARICOM Regional Programming Framework 2005-2015 that identifies priorities for the region within the context of the Hyogo Framework, Governance: organisational, legal and policy frameworks and Knowledge Management being key components of this. It builds on efforts to respond to the identified gaps in the implementation of the CDM Strategy and Framework, the CDM Baseline Study, as well as, key areas for attention that have been identified through the meetings of the various organs of CDERA, such as, the Board and Council and other disaster management fora and the desire to expand the comprehensive approach to disaster management in the region.

It also responds to many of the capacity building issues recognized by the Status of Disaster Preparedness Audit, the 2004 Review and Operational Lessons, recommendations from the Use of ICT in Disaster Management Conference 2003, and, the need to address the status of disaster legislation in the region in the context of the CDM approach. It supports the region’s efforts to establish a Disaster Risk Reduction Center and Centers of Excellence as focal points for risk reduction and knowledge management in the region and responds to the call for resilience in the Business Community’s IT infrastructure given the experiences in 2004.

This project started August 13, 2007 and its period of execution ends December 31, 2010. The following are expected to be achieved under the project

  • Increased effectiveness of CDERA and improved regional coordination.
  • Disaster management legislation and regulations developed in support of CDM.
  • CDM promoted through national disaster awareness campaigns.
  • Increased use of ICT, making CDM more effective and its capacity enhanced for information sharing among CDERA states.
  • Regional capacity for undertaking disaster management and related teaching and research will be enhanced.

Project implementation will embrace stakeholder consultation and participation. The first step in the exercise will be the convening of a work programme consultation forum involving all key beneficiaries. The project will also seek to build on existing initiatives and avoid duplication. It will embrace the principles of horizontal and self cooperation. Annual stakeholder consultations will be organised to share lessons, new initiatives and discuss emerging trends in risk reduction.

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