Project Summary

The Comprehensive Disaster Management Harmonized Implementation Programme (CDM-HIP) (Phase 1) is a five year programme aimed at enhancing institutional support and community resilience to mitigate and respond to and recover from the adverse affects of climate variability and change and disasters. The programme is unique as it promotes a multi-donor harmonized approach for the support of the enhanced Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Strategy.

The five (5) year programme commenced within the second quarter of 2008 and will conclude by March 31, 2013. The estimated cost of the programme is US $11,706,192, of which the Canadian International Development Agency and the UK Department for international Development (CIDA & DFID) have committed to provide US $7,931,150. Complementary contributions to the broader CDM programe are currently being provided by donor partners, such as, European Union, USAID, ACP/EU, Government of Turkey, CDEMA and Participating States in the amount US $ 3,775,042.

The programme is a direct contribution to the CIDA Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Program (CDRMP) 2008-2012; the DFID Draft Regional Assistance Plan for the Caribbean 2007-2010 and the enhanced CDM Strategy and Programming Framework 2007-2012.

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