Project Objective

Project Objective

The overall objective of the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Facility Project for the Caribbean is to enhance the human safety level of the populations and to reduce the social, economic and environmental costs of natural disasters in the Caribbean region.

Project Purpose
The project will:
(i) Provide technical, institutional, resource and capacity building assistance to Caribbean ACP States in National Disaster Risk Management to support the implementation of the CDM Strategy and Framework;
(ii) Seek to reduce the vulnerability levels of selected communities through a process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating risk, leading to the development of strategies to treat/mitigate existing and future risk;
(iii) Facilitate the translation of the model evacuation policy into French for distribution to French-speaking states.

Major Outputs
The major outputs/ results expected include:
1. Eight (8) community risk profiles developed.
2. National Disaster Management Plans reviewed and revised in ten (10) member states.
3. National Evacuation Policy Model developed, adapted and endorsed.
4. Model Evacuation Policy translated into French.
5. Ten (10) National Disaster Management Plans approved and supported by Governments.
6. Eight (8) communities provided with basic emergency equipment.

Project Leader: Sarah Lionel
Technical Manager, Preparedness and Country Support: Andria Grosvenor

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