Geo-Spatial Data

Geo-Spatial data is an important asset which, among many other applications, forms essential basis for informing decisions by a large multitude of stakeholders before, during and after disasters. CDEMA has started using a SpatialEdge platform to dynamically pull tropical storm hazard data from National Hurricane Center as well as earthquake hazard analysis in real time. While there are a few applications that provide the visualization of this type, we are further upping the ante to use these dynamic data in evaluating impact on population and exposure, at real time.

Realizing the importance of spatial data, several Caribbean countries have begun to create a conducive environment in developing and managing spatial data. For instance, through the CHARIM Project, a number of resources have been developed including, training materials, landslide and flood hazards maps, and risks information for use in disaster risk reduction planning and decision-making.

You can access relevant spatial data via the CHARIM Project.