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The Caribbean's Clearinghouse on Disaster Information

The Documentation Centre is a section within the Public Education & Information Unit of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency. It is located in Barbados at the headquarters of CDERA Coordinating Unit. This Centre was established to fulfill in part one of the mandates of the Agency which states that the CDERA Coordinating Unit “shall provide a clearing house for relevant information and intelligence in all matters relating to disasters including current research being undertaken in all related regional institutions.” (Agreement establishing CDERA Article 11: k).

As such, the primary role of the Centre is to act as a repository for materials produced or published on the Caribbean Region and to disseminate these products and other pertinent information via appropriate mediums to further disaster loss reduction endeavours in CDERA’s Participating States and the wider Caribbean.

Materials received in 1991 from the now defunct Pan Caribbean Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Project Documentation Centre formed the foundation of the present collection. Over the years, CDERA continued to add to that collection, however a large percentage of the Centre’s holdings can be considered to be of archival value to the region with publications and other materials dating back to the 1980’s.

Financial support from the European Community Humanitarian Office of Disaster Preparedness Program has enabled CDERA to continue in its pursuit of developing the Centre as one of the leading clearinghouses on disaster management and related information within the Caribbean Region.

Presently, the Centre’s primary focus is to position itself to satisfy the information needs of Caribbean Region in relation to the Comprehensive Disaster Management strategy and framework for enhanced information sharing among stakeholders. Efforts are being made to enhance the Centre’s collection development, access and dissemination strategies through building and strengthening of information sharing mechanisms.

Support is welcomed by all who have an interest in disaster loss reduction. Send us information and materials that will be of relevance to the Caribbean region. Let us hear from you when you use our services.



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