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Disaster Information Kit for the Caribbean Media - a CDERA & UNESCO publication

This publication contains background information on natural and made-made hazard and tips for covering disasters. The contents are:

1. Acknowledgements
2. Introduction
3. Disaster Management – what it is and why it is necessary
4. Fact Sheets on:
- Tropical Weather Systems: Messages for the public; Glossary; Contact information
- Earthquakes: Messages for the public; Glossary
- Tsunamis: Messages for the public; Glossary
- Volcanoes: Messages for the public; Glossary
- Floods: Messages for the public; Glossary
- Landslides: Messages for the public; Glossary
- Technological and man-made disasters: Messages for the public
- Epidemics: Messages for the public
5. Contact Directory
6. Bibliography

Download the publication [1.9 MB] Requires PDF Reader



Christmas Public Service Announcements for Radio

1. Avoid electrical fires [download] or Listen here {audio}media/01Track1.mp3{/audio}
2. Check for gas leaks [download]
3. Measures to avoid flooding [download]


Hazard Mitigation Public Service Announcements for Radio

1. Coastal erosion [download] or Listen now {audio}/media/01Track1.mp3{/audio}
2. Hurricane force winds [download] Listen now {audio}/media/02Track2.mp3{/audio}
3. Storm surge [download] Listen now{audio}/media/03Track3.mp3{/audio}
4. Landslides [download] Listen now {audio}/media/04Track4.mp3{/audio}
5. Floods [download] Listen now {audio}/media/05Track5.mp3{/audio}
6. Earthquakes [download] Listen now {audio}/media/06Track6.mp3{/audio}




When Winds Blow is a narrative by master Caribbean storyteller Paul Keens-Douglas who interviewed, interpreted, and re-told the story of the Grenada experience with Hurricane Ivan which devastated the island on September 7, 2004. Lessons on disaster preparedness are integrated into this three-part narrative. The story is cast within a comedy genre but it is not comical as real life experiences are told in a riveting and captivating performance. This project was implemented by CDERA in collaboration with the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

1. Complete story [download] 24.34 minutes
2. Part 1 - Preparing for Ivan [download] 7.37 minutes
3. Part 2 - Ivan The Terrible [download] 8.36 minutes
4. Part 3 - The Day After [download] 15.04 minutes



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