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Mr. Billy Darroux

Disaster Management Coordination Agency

Yellow Hill Road
St. John's

Tel: (664) 491-7166
Fax: (664) 491-2465
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]


Synopsis of Montserrat

Location: 16 45 N, 62 12 W
Area: 102 km2 (land=1026 km2; water=0 km2)
Coastline: 40 km
Climate: Tropical; little daily or seasonal temperature variation
Terrain: Volcanic island, mostly mountainous, with small coastal lowland
Lowest Point: Caribbean Sea 0 m
Highest Point: Chances Peak (in the Soufriere Hills volcanic complex) 914 m
Natural Resources: Negligible
Natural hazards: Severe hurricanes (June to November); volcanic eruptions (Soufriere Hills volcano has erupted continuously since 1996)
Environmental issues: Land erosion occurs on slopes that have been cleared for cultivation
Population: 9,245 (July 2004, est)
Ethnic groups: Black, white
Languages: English


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