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Mr Carl Herbert
National Disaster Coordinator
National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
P.O Box 181
Lime Kiln, Basseterre
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Tel: (869) 466-5100
Fax: (869) 466-5310
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.nema.kn/

Synopsis of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Location: 17 20 N, 62 45 W
Area: 261 km2 (Saint Kitts 168 km2; Nevis 93 km2)
Coastline: 135 km
Climate: Tropical tempered by constant sea breezes; little seasonal temperature variation; rainy season (May to November)
Terrain: Volcanic with mountainous interiors
Lowest Point: Caribbean Sea 0 m
Highest Point: Mount Liamuiga 1,156 m
Natural Resources: Arable land
Natural hazards: Hurricanes (July to October)
Environmental issues: Not available
Population: 38,836 (July 2004 est.)
Ethnic groups: Predominantly black; some British, Portuguese, and Lebanese
Languages: English

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