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Vandalism at Sol and Delta Petroleum - Government of Anguilla Update

The Valley, Anguilla, October, 1 2008 ( Government of Anguilla) - At a meeting with the General Manager and Country Manager of Delta Petroleum and Country Manager of Sol, it was revealed the spills that occurred 16 September were of a larger magnitude than originally reported and that there were many issues of safety and security to be addressed.

Fuel Lost
33,000 gallons gasoline and 34,000 gallons diesel were lost at Delta Petroleum and Sol lost approximately 20,000 gallons gasoline.

The Government of Anguilla, under leadership from the Department of Disaster Management and Ministry of Infrastructure held an incident debrief with various departments who together defined measures to be taken by the Government and the bulk storage facilities immediately, in 30 and in 60 days to mitigate this type of sabotage and hazardous materials spill happening again.

Part of this will be a review and revision of the Petroleum Act which guides regulation and compliance and the development of a National Hazardous Materials Management Plan.

A Hazardous Materials Plant Manager from Trinidad was brought in to complete an assessment of site safety and security which further validated the concerns and recommendations of the ad hoc Mitigation Work Group of the National Disaster Management Committee.

Work towards implementation of the recommendations is ongoing.

For more information, please contact:
Mrs Elizabeth F. Klute
Director,Department of Disaster Management
Deputy Governor’s Office
James Ronald Webster Building
The Valley, Anguilla
Tel: (264) 497-2926
Fax: (264) 497-3134
Email: [email protected]



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