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Seismology of the Americas Conference. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Deadline January 24, 2018!y of the Americas Conferen

The Latin American and Caribbean Seismological Commission (LACSC) and the Seismological Society of America (SSA) will be hosting the Seismology of the Americas Conference in Miami, Florida on 14–17 May 2018.

There are over 50 technical sessions covering earthquake and tsunami topics. You are encouraged to submit an abstract to the Emergency Management Session or other through the Conference Website https://seismology2018.org/seismology-of-the-americas/

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

Emergency Management, Resilience and Preparedness

The Seismology of the Americas Conference is the first joint meeting between SSA and LACSC, which is one of four Regional Commissions of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth Interior (IASPEI/IUGG).

Emergency and disaster management and preparedness approaches involve the mitigation, preparation, response and recovery and aim to reduce vulnerability to hazards and to cope with disasters from both natural events and human-induced events. The planning phase involves a coordinated, co-operative process of preparing to match anticipated urgent needs with all available resources. All the phases require research, evaluation, testing/validation, implementation and updating; the final product will be a living emergency plan that should be periodically reviewed and adapted to changing circumstances and real-life situations. In this session, we call for participants to focus on emergency planning, management, continuity of operations, technology, social processing and guidance. In a real world that is subject to accelerating physical, social and economic change, the challenge of managing emergencies well depends on effective planning and foresight and the ability to connect disparate elements of the emergency response into coherent strategies.

Session Conveners:

Victor A. Huerfano, Puerto Rico Seismic Network, <[email protected]>
Christa G. von Hillebrandt, Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program / NWS, <[email protected]>
Elizabeth A. Vanacore, Puerto Rico Seismic Network, <[email protected]>
Ronald Jackson, CDEMA, <[email protected]>

Also, check out other Tsunami Sessions (full description at https://seismology2018.org/sessions/):

  • Tsunami Outreach, Education and Warning Dissemination: Cross-disciplinary Opportunities for Increasing Tsunami Resiliency
  • Tsunami Modeling and Hazard Assessment
  • Early Warning for Large Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Challenges, Case Studies and Innovations
  • Megathrust Earthquakes: Recurrence, Rupture Modes and Tsunamis

Hope to see you in Miami and look forward to your contributions in advancing Tsunami Science and Resilience.



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