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Caribbean Disaster Management Project (CADM)- Activities PDF Print E-mail

The activities of the project will be:

Flood Hazard mapping

  • Establishment of a project implementation team composed of personnel from CDERA, CIMH and UWI within CDERA
  • Establishment of national teams composed of personnel from NDOs and community organization in where model sites have been selected
  • Preparation of flood hazard maps for the model sites
  • Preparation of a manual for flood hazard mapping

Community Disaster Management

  • Assessment of the current status of Community Disaster Management
  • Preparation of Community Disaster Management plans incorporating the hazard maps prepared by the model project
  • Preparation of a manual for Community Disaster Management planning (flood)

Information services

  • Provision of hardware such as equipment for information technology
  • Reinforcement of the database and communication network


  • Delivery of training courses on hazard mapping and community DM planning


CDEMA Annual Reports