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SESSION 1 PLENARY: CDM Redefining Disaster Resilience
TOPIC: Repositioning Disaster Resilience in the Development Agenda
Ministerial/High Level Panel Discussion:
SESSION 2: Concurrent Sessions
Session 2A Session 2B Session 2C Session 2D
FOCUS: Redefining Community Resilience to disaster through shared responsibility FOCUS: Pathways to Building Disaster Resilience of the Education Sector FOCUS: Governance for Disaster Risk Reduction - Capacity Development for hazard Risk Reduction & Adaptation (CATALYST) FOCUS: Building Disaster Resilience within the Health Sector


SESSION 3 PLENARY: Building Resilience - CDM Responsibility in Action

TOPIC: Building Resilience Through Lesson Learning - The Experiences of Past Events

Feature Speaker - Andrew Fazio on behalf of Jenson Sylvester (Director, Government & Strategic Accounts, Columbus Business Solutions)
Panel Respondents
TOPIC: Concept for Disaster Planning in the Caribbean - A bottom Up Approach
Feature Speaker - Brigadier General (Retired) Earl Arthurs (CDEMA)
Panel Respondents

SESSION 4: Concurrent Sessions

Session 4A Session 4B Session 4C
FOCUS: Volunteerism - Shared CDM Responsibility in action FOCUS: Financing and Insurance for Disaster Risk Resilience FOCUS: Women and Girls - the (in) Visible Force of Resilience